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  1. Jpr dit :

    Ben moi j ai pris un thé sur la spinnaker tower à Portsmouth… Et il faisait plus beau… Et ils parlaient anglais tout pareils… Et y avait l île de wight en face… NA !!!

  2. Sylvie Magnac dit :

    I had a cup of tea on the same day, at the same place, with the person mentioned above !!! We were on a working tour to get perfectly organized for our May trip with our pupils! The view was superb and the sun was shining… just magic!!! Your dad may end up appreciating the English, Céline!!!!
    Keep enjoying every minute of your world tour!!

    • Céline dit :

      My dad could have been perfectly bilingual because his cousin is English! Anyway, he is better than he says.. Thanks to read the blog.. In french I guess, I have not a lot of time to translate it… Cheers.

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